Balance; The February 2022 box

The Nordic box February 2022 is a tribute to harmony, balance and lagom!

Ring Box, Rocking Glass and a mobile

Norlii February Box inspires to balance

While hygge is an important part of the Scandinavian life, I think that beginning of a new year calls for another Scandinavian concept: lagom. Lagom is the Swedish word for “not too much and not too little”; to find a good balance in your everyday life. Lagom is a central part of the Swedish national mentality, and maybe you would like to try it too. Learn more about the concept of Lagom in this blogpost .

Circa Mobile

The ingenuity of a mobile is an endless delight, a simple pleasure of watching the life of the decorative structure poised to turn freely in the air.

Circa Mobile is designed with a geometrical balance; delicate rings and geometric shapes are suspended in perfect harmony while the parts softly move with the flow of air.

The graceful rings weighing out the sturdy brass ball is a unique and constant reminder to balance out your own life.

With Circa mobile, you can create an enchanting ambiance in the décor. Finding Balance your home office or living room.

Normann CPH Mobile
Circa Mobile, By Normann CPH

Normann CPH Mobile

Brass mobile from Normann Copenhagen is a calm and balancing ornament for the home

Four Rocking Glass

The Rocking Glass is a classic from Normann Cph. and has been in their assortment for many years. The sturdy and fun glass is a great conversation piece and can be used for nearly everything. It has a specially designed curved bottom, which allows the glass to tilt back and forth without the content spilling; a perfect balance. The rounded bottom also makes it comfortable to hold in the hand as you can both grip around the base or cradle it in your hand like a sphere – a sensuous experience to keep you mindful.

The glass is robust enough to hold both cool and hot drinks. Use it for cocktails or as a decorative accessory.

Rocking glasses

Four rocking Rocking glasses from Normann Cph

Do like they do at the Museum of Modern Art café in New York; use it for a tasty dessert.

Ring Box, sand

Ring Box is a series of small, elegant boxes to store personal belongings such as jewelry, cosmetics, stationery items, or little treats. The Ring box is made of glossy, powder-coated steel, available in three various sizes in earthy tones of sand, grey, and taupe. The golden ring on the lid serves a functional purpose while also being a decorative detail. I adore the carefulness of the attachment of the ring to the top hidden behind a brass cover and makes the top look equally beautiful when lying next to the container.

Ring Box from Normann CPH

You receive the sand Ring Box in February Box

All items are curated from the Normann Copenhagen assortment. Normann Cph is a leading Scandinavian design brand with a spectacular flagship store in the center of Copenhagen.

February 2022 items in the Norlii box of Scandi home decor
Norlii February Box 2022, Full reveal

I hope you are inspired by the theme of the Norlii February box and invite you to Balance and Lagom. Sign up for a subscription where we will explore new Scandinavian concepts and curate classy Scandinavian design.