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Discover Norlii’s Scandinavian spring box, April 2022: We have dedicated the Norlii spring box to Vår, as spring is called in Scandinavia. April is such a beautiful month filled with anticipation and new energy. So let’s celebrate spring and fill your home with the season’s herbs, plants, and flowers.

Disply of Norlii's April 2022 box contents in my Scandinavian home kitchen
Discover Norlii box April 2022

Now let me show you what is in the box:

Watering Can, Zone Denmark

Water cans are essential when you keep green plants indoors. But it has always been a significant design challenge to make the water can as beautiful as it is functional. We have found a stunning watering can from Zone Denmark for you.

Zone Denmark is rooted in an honest and minimalist expression that awakens our curiosity and beautifies everyday life. They have won several international design awards and are motivated by sharing their passion for the simple and positive with design lovers worldwide. 25 fl. oz. /US$75

The elegant indoor watering can comes with the Norlii spring box 2022
The Watering can by Zone DK

The size is ideal for herbs, sprouts, and smaller green plants, and you can place your new watering can on the kitchen counter for display next to your herbs or green plants.

Plant pots on stands, set of 2, Bloomingville

The flower pots made in black metal in a simple design are from Bloomingville. The company was established in 2000 and has been a popular brand in all of Scandinavia ever since.

The two pots will highlight your plants beautifully. The stands give the pots a raw and almost industrial look that allows for slight imperfections and adds personality and a relaxed vibe to your decor.

I imagined the pots for herbs in your kitchen. You can play around for the perfect look: group them with other plants, stick to your favorite flower, or experiment with new herbs for your daily cooking / US$30

Scandinavian spring. Norlii Box April 2022
2 Elegant plant pots

Scented candle in steel votive, Bloomingville

We’ve made it easy for you: instantly indulge your home with a flowery scent. This scented candle is made from 100% soy wax and is hand-poured in a small family-owned candle factory in Sweden. The candle is poured into a beautiful silver-plated container.

The line of scented candles from Bloomingville is brand new. In your box, you will find NO. 2 Green Gardenia: at once, serene and lively, watery white florals combined with rich resinous woods elevate and refine a classic floral scent. Expect a burning time of 25 hours. Never leave a burning candle unattended!


Blommingville scented candle

Print, SisterBrandt

The Swedes take great pride in their cuisine based on natural ingredients from the forest. In Sweden, they have allemansrätten, which means you can camp everywhere in nature and even pick above-ground parts of plants (leaves, flowers, seeds, berries, and mushrooms).

You have received a print of the edible herb Sweet Woodruff – a Swedish favorite / US$5

Let spring into your home with this gorgeous print.

The Pinch, Moebe

Moebe is a creative Danish design studio. Their mantra is to reduce their designs to their most simple forms.

The wooden clip you have received in this month’s box consists of two pieces of oak and a single rubber band. The clip is named “Pinch” and can be used standing or hung from a nail using the hole on the back. So elegant!

You can use it to hang your new print, or maybe you want to dry a flower and exhibit it in the pinch as a reminder of spring. / US$15

PINCH by Moebe design studio: Scandi design at its best. Comes with the Norlii spring box
The Pinch is made of FCS-certified oak and a rubber band; nothing more, nothing less


We have added more Scandinavian items to the Scandinavian Store. These will go well with your new April Box. In your April box you will find a code to take off 20% on all extras

Oak frame in new and innovative design /Moebe

The frame consists of two pieces of acrylic glass and an oak frame. As with your new Pinch, Moebe also uses rubber bands in their frame designs. Use it for your favorite prints or dried flowers to display in the frames.

Scissors for herbs and sprouts / Zone Denmark

The scissors are ideal for hanging directly on the pots, so it is always handy when caring for your plants.

Wally & Whiz / Nordic Vegan Winegums.

Do you want a taste of spring? The blackcurrant with rose petals will surely enhance your spring feeling.

I hope you will enjoy the Scandinavian spring box by Norlii 🌱 📦 ❤️

Scandinavian Spring box
Norlii Scandinavian spring box 2022