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Norlii Box: A Love of Nature


Unveil stylish Scandinavian interior designs in this box, featuring natural materials with a focus on gorgeous Red Oak, complemented by elegant glass and paper.

Included in this box:

Tray in oak, Sagaform Bring classic Swedish style to your home with the Hanna Tray from Sagaform! This tray’s beautiful red oak construction is durable and designed to last, while the simple and stylish design exudes Scandinavian aesthetics. We love the way the two handles are integrated into the tray, making it easy to carry while making the design even more special. The tray has the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.

Vinegar and oil bottles, Sagaform This Oil and Wine Vinegar Bottle-set is unique and yet very simple in its the expression – the core of the Scandinavian design. These bottles are made in mouth-blown glass and finished with a decorative oak ball for an added touch of beauty. They will add sophistication to your kitchen decor.

Oak plate, Sagaform The plate is rectangular with curvey edges.  A perfect plate for using outdoor as the material does not break so easily. You can also use it as a little tray for your new bottles.

Paper napkins, Bloomingville The napkins have a beautiful design of delicate flowers in complementary colors, perfect for everyday use. It is like they are made to compliment the tray. FSC® Recycled paper.

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1 × Hannah plate, Oak, Sagaform

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1 × Napkins, paper, Bloomingville

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1 × Oil & Vinegar set, Glass/ Oak, Sagaform

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