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Ceramic Jar, Grey, Lene Bjerre

51.17 $

Introducing a new brand to Norlii, Lene Bjerre. This crafted stoneware jar is in a stylish gray hue. With dimensions of approximately 4.7″ in length, 4.7″ in width, and 6.3″ in height, this jar can hold up to 42 fluid ounces. This jar is part of our exquisite Amera series.

A defining feature of the Amera series is that all products are coated with a double-reactive glaze. This unique process can lead to variations in color and appearance from one product to another, giving each piece its distinctive charm and character. The jar is completed with a leather strap that gives the jar a unique look.

This microwave and dishwasher-safe jar makes it a convenient addition to your kitchenware collection.

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