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Small catch-all, Iron, Broste Cph

32.13 $

The tray is ideal for your entryway, bathroom, or dining room table; this modern yet timeless piece offers versatility like no other. Style and functionality come together perfectly with the small powder-coated iron catch-all organizer.

The Scandinavian style is about clean lines and muted colors. The small tray is an excellent example of how simple design can be very expressive.The minimalist design of this tray features sloped edges and holes in each corner for a modern, clean-lined aesthetic. Its stackable construction allows you to save space by storing multiple nested trays together. Use the tray as a coaster, plate for your favorite block candle, or catch-it-all for keys and coins in your entryway. A true friend in your home.
Size 5.5 x 5.5 inches

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