Rocking tumblers 4pcs, Glass, Normann CPH

29.75 $

The Rocking Glass is a classic from Normann Cph. and has been in their assortment for many years. The sturdy and fun glass is a great conversation piece and can be used for nearly everything. It has a specially designed curved bottom, which allows the glass to tilt back and forth without the content spilling; a perfect balance. The rounded bottom also makes it comfortable to hold in the hand as you can both grip around the base or cradle it in your hand like a sphere –  a sensuous experience to keep you mindful.

The glass is robust enough to hold both cool and hot drinks. Use it for cocktails or as a decorative accessory. Or, do like they do at the Museum of Modern Art café in New York; use it for a tasty dessert.

Four pc, 25 ml.

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