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Peek into the June Box

Embrace the essence of Fika and infuse your daily rituals with warmth, beauty, and functionality. This Norlii Box embodies the Scandinavian lifestyle that celebrates functionality and simplicity as core values.

Cake Stand from Sagaform: The versatility of the Cake Stand from Sagaform in Sweden makes it your new favorite. It’s not just for showcasing decadent cakes and delicate cookies for your Fika but also for serving finger foods, vibrant fruits, or even as a display for cozy candles.

4 Hamam Napkins from Sagaform: The Ella Hamam napkin is woven from organic cotton and embellished with Sagaform’s iconic stripes.

Small Bowl from ByOn by Sagaform: Discover Florian, the charming lilac-hued bowl that captures attention with its delicate flower-shaped design. Small bowls like this are just lifesavers, always ready to bring that extra touch to your table—extra raspberries, little snacks, the candleholders from the birthday cake, tea bag holder, dipping sauces. The list goes on. 

Finally you will also find  a sweet little surprise treat.

The Scandinavian style is not just a trend but a timeless and elegant approach to home decor. It focuses on simplicity and functionality, emphasizing minimalism, clean lines, and neutral color schemes. Originating in the 1940s and 50s, this design philosophy was born out of a desire to create beautiful yet practical living spaces that evoke a sense of calm and order.

Scandinavian design integrates natural elements like wood, leather, and wool, fostering a connection to the natural world. Its hallmark is an understated elegance that pairs form with function, ensuring that every piece serves a purpose while contributing to the overall aesthetic harmony of the space.

Discover the Best in Scandinavian Design

We love exceptional design and are always looking for the perfect collaboration with Scandinavian brands. Our focus is on brands that embody the very essence of Scandinavian style. This includes renowned names such as SagaForm, Ferm Living, Muubs, Normann Copenhagen, Broste Copenhagen, Bloomingville, Nordal, Zone Denmark, Södahl, Lyngby Design, Eva Trio, etc.

These brands are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, innovation, and style. Whether it’s the sleek and minimalistic designs of Norman Copenhagen, the playful and joyful designs of Bloomingville, or the timeless elegance of Lyngby Design, we are always entranced by their offerings. Each one offers something unique while remaining true to their heritage.