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See My Scandinavian Home and Lifestyle Blog and get inspired on how to enrich your home and life with Scandinavian design and hygge. Discover other Scandinavian and Nordic lifestyle concepts such as lagom, Fika, and lykke. Read about what caters for a happy home and the connections between design and wellbeing. In addition, this is where you’ll find Norlii spoilers and sneek peaks. My point of departure for most posts is my Scandinavian home, close to Copenhagen in Denmark. But I also love to write about places, traditions and home design and style from the rest of the Nordic countries. Happy reading!

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Nordic box by Norlii, February 2023

Norlii Box Full Reveal: The February Box

  The Soul Warming edition  Warm up when indoors. In the depths of winter, nature can be truly breathtaking. However, when temperatures drop, and you …

Icon of Danish and Scandinavian design; the Egg chair, by Jacobsen

The story about Danish Modern, Scandinavian design, and Mid-century modern

Danish Modern, Scandinavian design, Scandi Style, Midcentury modern: If you have dug a little into Scandinavian style and its story, you will likely have seen …

Nordic home interior

Happy home, happy life

Happy home, happy life: Our home environment is a pillar for the good life. Our homes are reflective of ourselves and our overall satisfaction with …

Norwegian word Losji

10 Scandinavian words for joy

10 Scandinavian words you should know about Scandinavia is a region rich in culture and history. Nordic countries are known for the beautiful landscapes, friendly …

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Scandinavian lifestyle

Joys of Spring in Scandinavia


Guest blog by Joshua Kent Bookman In two weeks, I will be flying from Boston to Stockholm for my quickest trip yet – 24 hours. …

Nordic Happiness

Today , March 20th, it’s international happiness day. It is also the tenth anniversary of the World Happiness Report, published this week. The report uses …

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