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Norlii Box Full Reveal: The October Box 2023

NORDIC BATHROOM DESIGN & WELLNESS EDITION Inside this edition of the Nordic Subscription box, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of high-quality home accessories designed for ...
Nordic box reveal

Norlii Box Full Reveal: The August Box 2023

THE QUENCH YOUR THIRST EDITION Inside this edition of the Nordic Subscription box, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of high-quality home accessories designed to elevate ...
Norlii home decor subscription box, June 22

The June box ’22 – Swedish midsummer design box

The Norlii box, June 2022. Check what's in the June box 🤩🤩
Exclusive Scandinavian designs

Norlii Box Full Reveal: The December Box 2023

SCANDINAVIAN TRADITIONS Inside this edition of the Nordic Subscription box, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of high-quality home accessories designed for a cozy and ...
13 December, Scandinavia Christmas, Lucia Day.

The Scandinavian Christmas tradition: Santa Lucia Explained

The Scandinavian Christmas tradition that somehow touches me the most every year is ‘Santa Lucia,’ or ‘Saint Lucy’s day,’ which is today, December 13. Photo: ...
Moose light design in Stockholm

Stockholm in December

Have you ever been to Stockholm in winter? One of the most beautiful European cities, Stockholm – the capital of Sweden, is home to an ...
Nordic home interior

7 tips for creating a happy home!

How to create a happy home and happy memories

Find endless inspiration on how to infuse your home and life with the essence of the Nordic aethetics.  Dive into other Nordic lifestyle philosophies such as lagom, Fika, and lykke, each offering a unique perspective on creating balance, joy, and serenity in everyday life. Explore the relationship between design and wellbeing and discover the key elements that make a home truly happy. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Scandinavian design and lifestyle through My Scandinavian Home Blog. 

Here, you’ll also get exclusive access to Norlii spoilers and sneak peeks, giving you a first look at our curated collection of Scandinavian home essentials. Each post is crafted with love from my own Scandinavian home, nestled close to Copenhagen, Denmark. Yet, my passion extends beyond the borders of Denmark as I delve into the traditions, home designs, and styles from across the Nordic countries.

Enjoy the journey into the heart of Scandinavian living. 

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May 17, The day when Norway goes wild

May 17 is Norway’s national day. A day that typically provides a total state of emergency throughout Norway. Kids in Norway learn to pronounce May ...

Walpurgis night

Why the Swedes greet spring with fire on the night of Walpurgis In Sweden and Finland, “Walpurgis Night” is celebrated on the last day of ...
Easter table setting in Scandinavian home

Easter in Sweden

Easter is the first extended weekend of the spring, and for many Swedish families this means the first trip out to their holiday cottage, which ...
Joys of Spring in Scandinavia


Guest blog by Joshua Kent Bookman In two weeks, I will be flying from Boston to Stockholm for my quickest trip yet – 24 hours. ...

Nordic Happiness

Today , March 20th, it’s international happiness day. It is also the tenth anniversary of the World Happiness Report, published this week. The report uses ...

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Balance; The February 2022 box

The Nordic box February 2022 is a tribute to harmony, balance and lagom! Norlii February Box inspires to balance While hygge is an important part ...
evening of summer hygge

NorliiBox August 2021, Hygge in summer

Hygge in summer☀️   Summer is here! You can invite family and friends over for a summer hygge evening in the backyard: dining, outdoor fireplace, ...
The Fika Box by Norlii

Welcome to the Fika box!!

The theme for Norlii box April 2021 is FIKA ☕️ – the Swedish coffee break!! 👏👏 Fika is Swedish and is pronounced “Fee-kah”. A Fika ...