I want to introduce you to yet another Scandinavian concept: FIKA.

Your Fika moment

I want to introduce you to yet another Scandinavian concept: FIKA. This is a good one to know, so please read along

Cinnamon buns
Fika with cinnamon buns

Fika is Swedish and is pronounced “Fee-kah”. A Fika is “a coffee and cake break” and much more than that. Like “Hygge,” it represents an idea, a state of mind. When you Fika, you make time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee (or tea ) and a little something to eat. It is a way of being social with another person or a group of people. So Fika is a social act, it is not drinking coffee at your work desk by yourself. It is an essential part of Swedish culture, and Swedes consider it vital to make time for a Fika every day.
The word originates from a 19th-century slang word for coffee, “kaffi.” Invert the word kaffi, and what do you get 😀?

The Swedish coffee break
Coffee is a must, Brew it on the fly with this coffee in a bag from Brewcompany

The break can happen at any time of day, morning as well as evening. You can enjoy it at home, at work or in a café. Together with colleagues, family, friends, or someone you are trying to get to know – even a date.

Fika with friends
Fika with friends

The social aspect is treasured and is a shortcut to creating a comfortable atmosphere. You will find that many Swedish companies, for example, request employees take two such breaks a day! Many leaders in Sweden will even bring homebaked goodies to work for a Fika with co-workers. Accompanying sweets is crucial. Cinnamon buns, “Kanel Bullar” are a favorite (You will find Pearl Sugar and beautiful recipe print included in the April 2021 Norlii box). But you can enjoy other cakes, cookies, as well. Give it a try in your daily schedule. And soon you will realize that you are never too busy for Fika!

Fika with the Norlii Fika Box items, April 21
Fika with the Norlii Fika Box items, April 21

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