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Norlii Box: Nordic Nights


Experience the serene beauty of early summer evenings with our curated collection, designed to enhance your relaxation with Nordic-inspired warm colors and natural textures.

Lantern, Muubs The Gaia lanterns pay tribute to the opposing elements of fire and light, embodied by the Greek goddess of Earth, GAIA. These handcrafted clay creations are lovingly detailed with a silky glaze and artistic carvings, casting playful shadows on your surroundings. The lanterns have a reactive glaze that creates a unique and playful color variance, making them an impressive addition to any Scandi-chic space.

Throw, Blue, Bloomingville The Barry plaid from Bloomingville is a soft and decorative plaid made from recycled cotton and woven in a fine pattern in a Nordic deep blue color. Perfect for indoor or outdoor. 100% cotton. Size: 63 x 51 inches

Swedish Classics, Novellix How about enjoying a dose of classic Swedish literature with this beautiful box featuring four of Sweden’s most beloved writers? It’s a perfect way to discover world-renowned Swedish authors while enjoying their distinctive Scandinavian writing styles. Since this box is so beautifully designed, we suggest to uning it as a decoration on your table or shelves.

Toffees, Karamelkompagniet. To complete the night, indulge in a gourmet experience with the handmade toffee featuring crispy salt crystals from the Danish island Læsø, kneaded into soft and rich toffee. The handmade caramels are packed on Bornholm Island, between Sweden and Denmark.

1 × Throw, Cotton, Bloomingville

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1 × Ceramic lantern, Ceramic, Muubs

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