Swan trinket, polyresin, Medusa-Cph


The swan is Denmark’s national bird. When creating this little Swan trinket, it was first modeled in paper-mâché. After that, the finished model was ready to be recreated accurately. This is done in a mold, and then the cast units are polished by hand to be perfectly fine. Finally, each figure is hand-painted precisely like the original figure. This means that this is an exceptional craft, giving the figures their unique expression.


The Swan spreads her white wings and protects your finger rings, hair elastics, buttons, or whatever you find to store in the bowl that the wings form.

The two owners of the company Medusa company are mother and daughter. Their passion for creating a fun and unique universe has made them a famous brand in Denmark.

Size 4 inches wide x 2.5 inches tall

Care Instructions Hand wash in warm water and dry with a soft cloth.